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The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence has been introduced to the UK through EU Directive 2009/59. It is a new qualification that all lorry, coach and bus drivers will need if they wish to drive professionally for a living. It has been introduced to improve the skills and knowledge of professional drivers. The directive has targeted certain areas for development, which include:

Improving road safety

Recognising, underpinning and developing the knowledge and skills that are needed for a professional driver to undertake his / her duties.

Keeping drivers up to date with new legislation applicable to them (i.e. drivers' hours, digital tachographs etc)

Raising the profile and professionalism within the transport industry.

The Driver CPC should not be confused with the Transport Manager's qualification required for operator licensing.  The two are mutually exclusive.  The Transport Manager's qualification is still currently valid ‘for life' while the Driver's CPC requires periodic training equating to 35 hours in every five year period.  Thus a Transport Manager with a CPC who also holds an LGV licence, and wishes to keep it, will have to undertake the same 35 hours training as his / her drivers.

The Driver CPC is split into two areas, Initial and Periodic Training.

Initial Training came into effect for new PCV Drivers on 10 September 2008 and will affect new LGV Drivers from 10 September 2009. Thus any driver who passes his / her PCV / LGV licence after these dates will already hold a Driver CPC which will expire 5 years after issue unless the driver undertakes 35 hours of periodic training before the expiry date.

Periodic Training covers drivers who currently hold a PCV / LGV licence and takes effect five years after the inception date of the new regulations – 9 th September 2013 and 9 th September 2014 respectively. Existing drivers must have completed 35 hours training by these dates to retain their vocational driving entitlement. This can be undertaken in multiples of 7 hour blocks. They will then have until 2018 and 2019, respectively, to requalify for a further five year period.

EU Driver CPC is a member of IOTA Driver CPC Consortium which has has been set up to provide employers with a nationwide network of providers delivering uniform courses to an exceptionally high, consistent standard. The Driver CPC Consortium is registered with the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT - registration number AC00709/13) for Periodic Training for PCV and LGV.

EU Driver CPC will be offering both block courses of 35 hours over a five day week and a day release (7 hours) option.  Additionally there will be an option to run courses ‘in house' where customers can release sufficient drivers. Costs will are available on request via our website

Once drivers have attended an approved Driver CPC course, his / her details are recorded on the DSA database. As soon as 35 hours training have been completed the driver will receive his / her Driver CPC licence directly from DSA. It is a legal requirement that the driver must have the original driver CPC qualification available at all times when driving a vehicle covered by the regulations. Failure to produce the certificate at the roadside could result in a fine of up to 1,000.

We have a portfolio of 7 hour and 3 hour courses which allow customers to ‘pick and mix’ modules to suit their requirements as well as ADR (pending) which has been accepted by JAUPT as qualifying for up to 21 hours of periodic training. 

This two tier approach is designed to:

allow a consultation process with our customers to determine what training they require for their drivers and develop appropriate training programmes;

allow customers to phase their driver training over a period of time and we can provide a management service to help with this.

Bespoke Courses

We recognise that some of our clients may require specialist training to be included within their drivers' periodic requalification. In many cases they will also employ suitably qualified personnel to deliver such training. It is our intention to work in partnership with our clients to deliver whatever training they require.

Training Schedules

We are in the process of scheduling training courses up until September 2014, giving customers the opportunity to plan their training requirements. Places are available for booking now subject to a 100 deposit. This will guarantee the place and price at current rates.

Existing customers will get priority of places and we are also offering a free service to schedule driver training on the customers behalf to ensure minimum disruption to their operations.  The customer provides names, licence numbers, dates of birth and length of service – we will advise on the most cost effective training programme.

Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT)

To enhance knowledge of the UK and EU Operator Licensing Systems.

To provide information to heighten awareness of the requirements of the operator licensing system and tools to ensure compliance.

To introduce awareness of present legislation.

To provide understanding of the legal undertakings given when applying for an ‘O’ Licence .

To develop management control systems to ensure compliance with ‘O’ Licensing requirements including applications and notifiable changes.

To provide delegates with a clearer understanding of Road Transport Legislation including:

Drivers Hours Regulations and Records

Working time directive

Driver Licensing

Speed Limits

Effective Maintenance Systems

Be able to determine the training needs of your personnel to ensure compliance with ‘O’ licensing legislation

Operator Licence Refresher Training

We offer a course designed to update Transport Managers who have held their CPC for a period of time.

The Course is designed to assist Transport Managers, Partners and Directors fulfil their legal undertakings with respect to Operator Licensing Requirements. It is a one day course designed to ensure that delegates have a practical understanding of operational systems and checks to comply with the Operator Licence System.

Topics covered include:-

• Operator Licensing – Understanding the principles and legal undertakings

• Management Control Systems for Compliance including notifiable changes

• Identifying requirements for other staff including supervisors and drivers and understand their role in managing the ‘O’ Licence

• An appreciation of the importance of compliance with the legal undertaking agreement made as part of the Operator Licence Application:

• Drivers Hours Regulations – including EU drivers hours and the Road Transport Working Time Directive;

• Drivers Hours Records for Analogue and Digital Tachographs;

• Working Time Directive for non driving personnel; Planning Safe Overnight Parking

• Driver Licensing – identifying qualifications and implementing regular check systems

• Speed Limits and responsibilities of the Operator

• Effective Maintenance Systems to ensure vehicle roadworthiness

• Operator Compliance Risk Scores

• Give consideration to developing a Safe and Healthy working environment.

• Provide up to date legislative information.

• Provide an overview of the powers of enforcement officers, graduated fixed penalties and penalties for permitting and causing offences.

• Provide guidance on where to find follow up advice

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